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Uruguay Natural

A place to discover.


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Those visiting Uruguay choose to settle in its main destinations as a starting point and then move around throughout the country to discover its natural wonders.

Uruguay has excellent highways and short distances that allow touring the country with ease.

Montevideo is a must-see destination. The capital city boasts best quality of life in Latin America and stands out for its harmonious coast, architecture, historic sites, and cultural wealth.

Punta del Este and its surroundings are another favorite choice for those coming to the country. This resort which combines city and seaside resort is an iconic international beach and vacation tourist destination.

On a different scale, there is nothing better than wandering the streets of a UNESCO World Heritage site such as Colonia del Sacramento, a fairytale city, located in a strategic spot and a one-hour boat ride away from Buenos Aires.

Other options to discover are the numerous coastal resorts,  dreamy towns in the Sierras, or tourist resorts in the Northern hot springs.


Uruguay has 250 kilometers of heavenly beaches on the Atlantic Ocean coastline and 425 kilometers along Río de la Plata, to cater to everyone´s tastes. Family-friendly beaches or cool and trendy beaches for young people; deserted strips or beaches with clubs; music and services. Calm-water beaches or beaches with bigger waves to surf, kitesurf, sand sports, or fishing. A coastal paradise to choose the beach that suits you best.

Rural tourism offers the possibility of experiencing the Gaucho culture and the traditional country life of the Río de la Plata. Unique aromas and flavors, contact with nature at its purest to understand the origin of the richest and tastiest foods in the world.

With 16 National Parks and conservation areas, Ecotourism in Uruguay is the opportunity of discovering extraordinary landscapes in the mountains, native woodlands, coastal lagoons, bird, whale, and sea wolf watching, or trekking experiences; horseback riding or absolute relaxation amid the exuberant nature.

Other visitors choose one of the 6 top-level tourist resorts in the Hot Springs area in the Northwestern region of the country. The Guaraní Aquifer is one of the largest water reservoirs on the planet and its hot springs are a must destination for those who enjoy healthy retreats, with the family, and in a unique natural environment.


Half a million cruise passengers arrive at our ports every year and Montevideo and Punta del Este are part of the Rio – Buenos Aires Route.

The country is constantly hosting top-level international conferences and it is the prime destination chosen by the most sophisticated and wealthy tourists, regular visitors of its cities, beaches, and natural nooks.

Uruguay is #1 in Latin America and #5 in the world as an international LGBT+ destination.
Whatever the purpose of your visit, you´ll need to come back again.


Delving into the colonial history and wandering the streets of a UNESCO World Heritage site; savoring a barbecue banquet with the best meat in the world, together with a glass of good Tannat wine; taking part in a popular festival, recharging your batteries in a nature walk or let your adrenaline flow by surfing the perfect wave in the ocean.

Uruguay.  A land of sensations that will make you quiver.