The website is a digital entrance door that displays all Uruguay has to offer. It aims to provide quality information, not only to foreigners interested in getting to know our country but also to Uruguayans promoting it beyond borders.

Uruguay´s Country Brand is developed by all of us, and this platform intends to be a starting point for such construction.

Those visiting our website will find an organized assortment of images, videos, texts, and links to sites of interest to access all information with ease. gathers valuable information which allows visitors to learn about different aspects of our country according to their interests: for those visiting as tourists or those coming here to stay; those who want to invest or who are seeking to do business.

Each menu of the site (Home, Visit, Live, and Export) presents concise and sorted information about Uruguay´s diverse profiles. Moreover, each menu provides access to further information about these subject areas, available on the sites of different entities of the Uruguayan government.

This first version of the platform was implemented by the Presidency of the Republic and the Agency for e-Government and the Information and Knowledge Society (AGESIC) with the collaboration of the Institute for the Promotion of Investments and Exports of Goods and Services (Uruguay XXI); the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies (CUTI).

The photographs on this site belong to the Aguaclara stock library ( and Uruguay´s Ministry of Tourism. The videos were developed by several governmental entities to promote certain regions of the country, as well as by chambers or institutions which group several sectors of national production.

The use of the information, including images and videos, is governed by the provisions indicated in the section “Terms and Conditions”.